Local Information

Conference Venue

The workshop and the HPSG conference will take place in Constantin Stoicescu hall, at the Faculty of Law (Facultatea de Drept), University of Bucharest (36-46 M. Kogalniceanu Blvd.), located walking distance from the various hotels listed below.

How to get from the airport to the city centre

Bucharest's only airport is Henri Coanda International Airport (OTP), primarily called by its former name of Otopeni. It is located in Otopeni, 17 km (10 miles) north of downtown Bucharest.

There are several options for transportation between the airport and the conference venue:

  • The best way to get to the city center is by cheap local taxi (yellow cabs). To avoid any inconvenience, we strongly advise you to order a cheap taxi, by using the official taxi ordering system, via one of the touch screens in the arrivals hall. Tarifs are displayed for each company; if you choose one of the companies with the lowest prices (1.69-1.99 lei per kilometre), your ride from the airport to the city center should cost around 40-50 lei (=10€). When the machine has found you a taxi, it will dispense a ticket with informations about the waiting time, the name of the taxi company, the taxi's registration number and the taxi's ID number. Once you get the ticket, you then go outside and wait for the taxi. Always pay careful attention to the prices displayed on the taxi's door. The tarif displayed should be no more than 1.99 lei per kilometre. Always check that the metre is turned on. The most trustworthy of taxi companies are: Cobalcescu, Cristaxi and Meridian.
  • Express bus 783 to city centre, outside the arrivals terminal exit. Runs 24h (every 30 minutes throughout the day, and every 40 minutes at night). Ticket booth and vending machine at bus stop (from the little kiosk on your right side as you exit the arrivals terminal). You need to buy the green and white Activ card before you get on board. A return journey (2 tickets) with the express bus will cost 7 lei (3.50 lei per ticket), plus 3.70 lei for the card itself. The Activ card can be loaded with funds as often as you like at any ticket kiosk and used on all buses, trolleybuses and trams in Bucharest (but not on the subway system). Each ticket for the regular buses and trams in Bucharest costs 1.30 lei. Do not forget to validate card on bus (touch orange machine to hear one short beep; long beep means error, repeat). Stops in city centre: Piata Victoriei, Piata Romana, Piata 21 Decembrie 1989 (metro Universitate), Piata Unirii. For more details about the public transportation, click here.
  • Uber and Taxify

How to get to venue

  • From the airport : express line 783; change at Piata 21 Decembrie 1989: buses no. 122, 137, 138, 268, 381 to Facultatea de Drept.
  • Buses and trolleybuses that stop in front of venue: 122, 137, 138, 268, 381, 336, 601; 61, 69, 90, 91. For more details about the public transportation, click here.
  • Subway stop near the venue: Eroilor . For more details about the Bucharest subway system, click here. Metro and bus systems are managed by two different companies, so you cannot use the bus card for the metro. Tickets for the metro can be purchased at all metro stations. A two-journey ticket cost 5 lei, and a ten-journey ticket costs 20 lei.


We are listing below (by distance) some hotels which are ideally located in the very heart of the city, close to the conference venue. You can make your reservation directly to the hotel or via booking.com.

Other accommodations can be found on booking.com or airbnb.com.

Social events and conference dinner

If you are interested in participating in our social events and/or conference dinner, please fill in the doodle poll here (if possible, no later than Monday July 22nd), in order to confirm your attendance to the different events we propose, and your preferences for the conference dinner.

  • Social event 1 (Wednesday 24th, 11:00-12:40): Cotroceni Palace (the gathering point will be at the conference venue, at 10:30, near the gas station PETROM located here)
  • Social event 2 (Thursday 25th, 16:30-17:30): Palace of Parliament (People’s House) (the gathering point will be at the conference venue, at 16:00)
  • Conference dinner (Thursday 25th, 19:00): Caru' cu Bere
  • Social event 3 (Friday 26th, 17:00-18:30): National Village Museum (the gathering point will be at the conference venue, at 16:15)
  • Social event 4 (Saturday 27th, 1-day trip to Sinaia): Peleş and Pelişor Castles (the gathering point will be at the conference venue, at 08:00)